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Virgin Fest: Where Inclusivity Shines Bright As The Music Festival Of Tomorrow

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Recent music festivals like Fyre Festival and Coachella have been labeled as events for elite millennials and Gen Z’ers who have the disposable income to spend on trips to private islands and a week’s worth of flower crowns. Now, a new festival is launching where all are welcome. 

Virgin Fest launches in Los Angeles on June 6th and 7th. As part of the Virgin brand, known for breaking rules and disrupting the status quo, it’s fitting that Virgin Fest debuts in 2020 — the 50th anniversary of Virgin.

Those ethos led to the music lineup that embraces diversity and a global mindset. Jason Felts, CEO of Virgin Fest expands, “With innovation, diversity and forward thinking at the heart of Virgin Fest, it is imperative that our lineup reflects our core focus on inclusivity and fully represents a spectrum of cultures and music genres.”

Headlining the inaugural festival is pop phenomenon Lizzo. Joining her on the bill is hip hop superstar A$AP Rocky, Jamaican-American electronica dance music trio Major Lazer, British pop hitmaker Ellie Goulding, Columbian superstar Kali Uchis, English R&B singer-songwriter Jorja Smith, YouTube sensation and “Pretty Girl” singer Clairo, Korean-American indie pop artist Japenese Breakfast, and Chinese singer-songwriter Lay Zhang.

Virgin Fest lineup VIRGIN FEST

Virgin Founder, Sir Richard Branson is thrilled for the upcoming festival, “By combining Virgin’s signature hospitality and ingenuity with a strong sense of purpose, our team build the festival of tomorrow, today. We are proud to bring Virgin Fest to LA and to be on track to become one of the United States' greenest festivals.”

Branson expands, “My love of music led me to start Virgin Records nearly five decades ago. I’m thrilled that Virgin’s musical heritage lives on through Virgin Fest. We look forward to bringing Virgin’s expertise in customer experience, innovation, and entertainment to our festival in Los Angeles, a place that has always been very near and dear to my heart.”

Sir Richard Branson and Virgin Fest CEO, Jason Felts JASON SIEGEL

As Branson focus on people and planet has permeated across all his ventures, Virgin Fest has a strong focus on sustainability. The event will take place across multiple stages throughout Exposition Park, merging the outdoor festival experience with the accommodations of Banc of California Stadium including shade, comfortable seating, and hydration stations. 

By choosing Los Angeles as the location, the festival is in close proximity to several Metro stations and will encourage the use of public transportation. Currently, the festival is handpicking vendors whose shared values and policies comply with the festival’s commitment to sustainability. These include the banning of single-use plastics in lieu of a reusable cup deposit system (a first of its kind in California) and the use of biofuels and solar power.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti expands on why this is so important for the city, “Los Angeles is a global hub where sustainability and inclusion intersect to create life-changing opportunities for Angelenos and visitors from around the world. When Virgin Fest arrives in Los Angeles next year, we will show the world once again what sets our city apart — our willingness to disrupt the status quo, our determination to reduce our carbon on footprint, and our focus on tackling the climate crisis with our trademark creativity and our unmatched spirit of innovation.”

CEO of Virgin Fest Jason Felts VIRGIN FEST

Felts is proud that the multi-day experience will feature Virgin’s contemporary edge and world-class hospitality while honoring its social responsibility to the surrounding community and the planet at large. 

“I am proud to launch a first of its kind music and tech experience built upon a foundation of positivity, equality, and unmatched hospitality,” said Felts. “Set upon a culturally diverse Los Angeles, Virgin Fest looks to harvest a community of likeminded music fans, open-minded to a more connected humanity irrespective of gender, race, sexual preference, religion, ability, political party or who they love.”

As their mission is to ignite a spirit of community for all, so that fans feel welcomed and safe to enjoy the multi-experiential music festival. Virgin Fest embraces inclusivity as a core value for the festival experience.

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