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Kid Creators Go Back-To-School

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

It’s back to school time. Back in the day that meant figuring out your first day of school outfit, which binders to buy, and the theme of your backpack and lunchbox. However, times have changed. Now, going back to school shopping includes not just watching commercials on the Disney Channel or Nickelodeon to find the freshest merchandise. Brands are tapping into YouTube and Instagram influencers to share the best products for the upcoming school year.

If you’re not familiar, there are tons of influencers under the age of ten. According to Fast Company, there are influencers as young as two that are making five-figure sums for a single post. The kid creator economy is here to stay and only getting more significant. Here are three trends that are huge with kid creators for the 2019-2020 school year. 

Back To School Clothing Hauls 

Sharing what was in your backpack with friends was so 2002, now kid creators have sponsorships and brand deals. They are incorporating YouTube hauls to showcase the products. Large retailers like Walmart and Amazon — where most parents do their shopping — have tapped into kid creators and are utilizing them to share products for the upcoming school year. Influencer, Just Jordyn, shares her favorites as she embarks on her journey to middle school. 

Supplies Shopping 

With the trend of unboxing toys popular, that excitement has translated to the ever-important supplies shopping. YouTube is filled with kid creators scouring the aisles at Target and Office Depot finding the best notebooks, folders, rulers, and more. It’s only a once a year activity, so kid creators are being as creative as possible to garner engagement and sharing with their favorite finds with their community.


What once was a fun class project is now a multi-million dollar industry. Kid creators are loving slime. There are videos of them making slime, embracing slime challenges like “Make Slime Pretty” and doing arts and crafts with slime. The slime economy is going strong, and influencers like Jkrew, who have over 175,000 subscribers, and are sponsored by RandomHouse have millions of views on their videos. Slime is here to stay, and it’s an excellent way for kids to learn more about science, art, and creativity.

As the kid influencer economy continues to grow with new social channels like Tik Tok, creativity and sharing content with community is increasing. Kid creators are working largely with brands to garner in the next generation of consumers to learn more about products and increase sales. 

If you’d like to learn more about Gen Z influencers, reach out to Captiv8 and let’s create some content! 

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