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3 Marketing Lessons From Kylie Jenner’s ‘Rise And Shine’ Viral Moment

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

For those immersed in internet culture, the viral video of Kylie Jenner singing ‘Rise and Shine’ to her daughter, Stormi Webster — via a YouTube video tour of Kylie Cosmetics — brought about a multitude of memes. 

From Miley Cyrus to even her ex-boyfriend Tyga posting memes and content, ‘Rise and Shine’ is being embraced throughout the digital world. Over 2.5 million Instagram posts are using the #RiseAndShine hashtag, and the #RiseAndShineChallenge trended on Twitter and Tik Tok. 

As the world’s youngest billionaire, here is how Kylie Jenner integrated her viral moment into her product and marketing mix. 

eCommerce Merchandising

The combination of eCommerce and Instagram is one of the most significant growth opportunities for brands in the digital age. As Kylie promotes her cosmetics line to her 148 million Instagram followers, she was able to quickly create two ‘Rise and Shine’ sweatshirts featured on thekylieshop Instagram account. Between three promotional posts, there were over 182,000 likes and 2,650 comments, including those like, “Ri📈se and sh📉ine” and “Y'all are fast.”

Lesson: Combining fast fashion and digital tactics, brands can leverage online communities to garner incredible sales. Produce creative and timely posts that highlight a product that is within a reasonable price range for social media followers to easily purchase online.

Email Marketing 

Successful email marketing campaigns can have an incredible impact on brand growth and equity. Email marketing still ranks as one of the most effective marketing channels; stronger than search and social media. Knowing that witty subject lines lead to impressive open rates, Kylie Cosmetics used ‘Rise and shine’ as a subject line to launch four new eyeshadows right after the viral moment. 

Lesson: Even with other marketing channels gaining more of the spotlight, focus efforts on email marketing. With noisy and crowded inboxes, brands need to stand out. Think of quirky and engaging ways on email to launch products or share offers. 


Despite millennials and Gen Z’ers mainly keeping their phones on vibrate or silent, many are changing their alarms and ringtones to ‘Rise and Shine.’ Kylie hasn’t officially come out with a ringtone to download, but many are creating hacks to capture the audio. This one Twitter post with an alarm clock video has over 8 million views. 

Lesson: Take long-form video content and ideate ways it can be delivered through short-form audio. This can be through a podcast, ringtone, alarm, and much more. 

It’s no surprise that Kylie took a viral meme and integrated it into her merchandise and marketing messaging. She is on the pulse of selling to millennials and Gen Z. Businesses can use her tactics to capitalize on when they are in the spotlight and turn their 15 seconds of fame into a commerce opportunity.

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