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Soccer Superstar Alex Morgan Shares Her Top Three Lessons For Business Success

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Radiate Positivity:An apt description of Create & Cultivate and Disney's first annual Polka Dot Summit inspired by the most famous #MouseBoss, Minnie! 

Minnie Mouse and Alex Morgan at Create & Cultivate and Disney's Polka Dot Summit SMITH HOUSE PHOTO

That positive glow was apparent on mom-to-be and US Soccer co-captain Alex Morgan, who joined the conference as the keynote speaker. She shared her excitement for her baby girl, due in April, to a packed room of female entrepreneurs outfitted in polka dot attire. Morgan hopes her daughter will come into a world that has equal pay for women and accessibility to achieve any of her dreams. 

Create & Cultivate CEO Jaclyn Johnson interviews Alex Morgan at Polka Dot Summit. SMITH HOUSE PHOTO

During the keynote, she discussed her plans to be with her team at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, which would be three months after her daughter is born. Morgan exclaimed, "I was ready to start a family with my husband. As long as women feel comfortable in coming back to work and giving themselves sometime after the baby's born, to do what they want. If work is what you love and a part of you, you shouldn't have to choose, you can do both."

Empowering young women is very important to Morgan, "I see the next generation able to do things much bigger and better than I'm able to do because of the platform that we're setting up for that next generation."

She has also taken her learnings from soccer and translated them into the business world. These ventures include a children's book series and television show, many high-profile endorsements deals, and has plans to launch a content company.

I sat down with Morgan to hear more about the lessons that she's learned as a soccer star on the field that helped guide her as an entrepreneur off the field.

Bet on yourself 

Playing soccer in high stakes situations has allowed Morgan to tap into her belief in herself in a big way. She expands, "I learned through soccer to bet on myself. I continue to tell myself over and over, your gut feeling is so strong. When you feel confident, and you have self-belief, no one can stop you."

Takeaway: Tap into that inner voice and believe highly in yourself to achieve goals. At the end of the day, it's only you, and you have to intrinsically know that you can do anything.

Set the bar high 

Being part of the US women's national soccer team that recently won the FIFA Women's World Cup championship, Morgan understands the power in dreaming big, "There are times where I am more conservative with my dreams and goals. And, times where I reach so big. I've found that reaching bigger, even if I don't accomplish it completely, I get closer to that; rather than settling for something mediocre." 

Takeaway: Reach high to accomplish big dreams. Don't let negative self-talk or past experiences define you, set big goals, and you never know what could happen. 

Learn to compromise 

Teamwork is obviously integral in both sports and business. Being able to come to smart conclusions in important settings can make all the difference in the world. Morgan expands, “Being in sports has taught me that you can get so much further when you listen to both sides and come to an educated conclusion rather than jumping the gun and speaking before you really understand or grasp the entirety of the situation.”

Takeaway: Take time to listen to all sides of a situation to come up with the best solution. Think about the larger picture, and in some cases, you’ll have to let go of your own ideas for the greater good.

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